Advanced Technology Fusion is an advanced field of engineering as the result of fusing theories and methods of various fields and establishing new theories and methods systematically. The goal of the department is to produce specialized engineers and researchers with high level of knowledge and skill, and practical capabilities, who can contribute to the construction of a human and environment friendly society and the continuous development of the society, through education and research based on systematic curriculum. The department is composed of two courses; "Biomedical Engineering Course" and "Advanced Material Chemistry Course".

Biomedical Engineering Course
 In this course, mainly, mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering are fused with biomedical engineering. Its objective is to produce engineers and researchers for supporting biomedical sectors (especially, medical service, healthcare, and welfare) or being actively involved in various fields of human engineering through education and research on medical and welfare robots, medical materials, bio-modeling, bio-simulation, artificial organ, tissue engineering, human engineering, and bio-engineering, etc.

Advanced Material Chemistry Course
 The major topics are chemistry, applied chemistry, and material engineering. Its objective is to produce engineers and researchers capable of contributing to the development of the society through education and research on electronic materials, solid materials, and functional molecule materials, etc. based on inorganic and organic chemistry. This course affiliates with AIST (The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology) Kyushu.