Subjects for Master Course

Project StudyN. Ueno, et al.2
Introduction to MedicineE. Takahashi2
Biomedical Sensing SystemsK. Teramoto2
Biomedical Signal ProcessingT. Sugi2
Applied Inorganic ChemistryT. Watari, M. Yada2
Applied Organic ChemistryT. Yamato, M. Takeshita, H. Kawakita2
Advanced Mathematics of Technology FusionS. Maeda, Y. Nakagawa, T. Okada2
Advanced Physics of Technology FusionH. Maki2
Advanced Mechanical Engineering of Technology FusionT. Setoguchi, K. Izumi, H. Hasegawa, K. Ishida2
Advanced Electrical and Electronic Engineering of Technology FusionQ. Guo, M. Kasu, S. Ihara, Y. Otsu, S. Fukai2
Advanced Chemistry of Technology FusionS. Osada, H. Kodama2
Advanced Civil Engineering of Technology FusionA. Sakai, H. Yamanishi, M. Kiyota, S. Kojima2
Advanced Information Science of Technology FusionK. Nakayama2
Special Lecture of Advanced Technology Fusion IN. Ueno, et al.2
Special Lecture of Advanced Technology Fusion IIN. Ueno, et al.2
Seminar of Advanced Technology FusionT. Watari, M. Yada, T. Yamato, M. Takeshita, H. Kawakita2
Internship of Advanced Technology FusionN. Ueno, et al.1
Research and Workshop of Advanced Technology Fusion IN. Ueno, et al.2
Research and Workshop of Advanced Technology Fusion IIN. Ueno, et al.2
Research and Workshop of Advanced Technology Fusion IIIN. Ueno, et al.2
Human body kinematics2
Welfare and Rehabilitation2
Biomedical mechanics of materialsS. Hagihara2
Biomedical roboticsN. Ueno2
Biomedical Control TheoryK. Satou2
Biomedical DynamicsI. Khan2
Biomedical Fluid EngineeringS. Matsuo2
Biomedical Applied Fluid MechanicsT. Hashimoto2
Biomedical Computational Fluid DynamicsT. Sumi2
Biomedical TribologyB. Zhang2
Biomedical Heat TransferA. Miyara2
Biomedical StatisticsS. Goto2
Biomedical Numerical AnalysisK. Muramatsu2
Biomedical ElectromagnetismK. Muramatsu2
Biomedical System Control EngineeringE. Takahashi2
Biomedical MeasurementA. Kimoto2
Neuro-Biological Information ProcessingT. Sugi2
Biomedical Image ProcessingH. Douzono2
Biomedical PhotonicsY. Yamaoka2
Applied Inorganic Material EngineeringT. Watari2
Applied Organic Material EngineeringT. Yamato2
Applied Materials ScienceM. Yada2
Applied Organic Material ChemistryM. Takeshita2
Applied Functional Molecular PropertiesH. Kawakita2
Applied BiochemistryH. Kodama2
Applied Organic Synthesis in Green Chemistry T. Kitamura2
Applied Sparation Chemistry and EngineeringK. Oowatari2
Applied Composite Material ChemistryM. Era2
Applied Chemical AnalysisT. Takamuku2
Applied Function and processing of ElectroceramicsK. Nonaka2
Advanced English for Academic Study2
Advanced Ethics for ProfessionalsY. Iwao, K. Fukunaga2
Advanced Study of Business Management2
Advanced Theory on Numerical AnalysisY. Iso, N. Nishimura, H. Fujiwara4
Advanced Study of Liaison,Intellectual Property and Technology TransferS. Satou2
Advanced Study of Information SecurityT. Uehara2
Advanced Lecture on Education for Human Right2
English Academic PresentationColeman South2

Outline of Subjects (Doctor Course)

Advanced Biomedical Robotics Prof. N. Ueno
Medical robots, rehabilitation robots, and human assist robots are mainly explained in this lecture. The fundamental of robotics is also lectured.
Advanced Biological System Engineering Prof. S. Goto
From the viewpoint of system control engineering, human is interpreted as a system. In this class, biological signal processing for identification of human state and robotics for extension of human functions are lectured.
Advanced Biomedical Electronic Engineering Prof. E. Takahashi
We will study mathematical and engineering approaches for analysis, simulation, and estimation of physiological regulatory systems in living organisms.
Advanced Medical and Biological Engineering Assoc. Prof. T. Sugi
Recent medical devices and diagnosis system, especially for neurological activity and movement, are introduced.
Advanced Biomedical Fluid Engineering Prof. S. Matsuo
1) Fundamental fluid dynamics.  2) Shock wave phenomena.  3) Effective utilization of fluid energy.
4) Application to Biomedical Fluid Engineering.
Advanced Medical Device Engineering Assoc. Prof. T. Hashimoto

Advanced Biomedical Computational Fluid Dynamics Assoc. Prof. T. Sumi

Advanced Biomedical Electromagnetic Field Analysis Prof. K. Muramatsu
Theory and recent topics on electromagnetic field analysis using finite element method is lectured. Its applications for electromagnetic devise or sensor are also introduced.
Advanced Biomedical Sensing Prof. K. Teramoto
Introduction to the Medical Imaging
I: Inverse problems  II: CT  III: Ultrasonic Imaging  IV: MRI  V: PET
Advanced Biomedical Dynamics Assoc. Prof. I. Khan
The course is designed to understand the biomedical engineering dynamics. It combines the use of matrices in generating the kinematic coefficients associated with the formulation of the governing equation of motion. The contents are included an extensive review of kinematics of rigid body, treelike structures with open and closed loops and prescribed motions including flexibility effects. The study plan of the course is to bridge the gap between dynamics and biomedical engineering application in robotics and bio-systems.
Advanced Biomedical Control Theory Prof. K. Satou

Advanced Medical Image Processing Assoc. Prof. H. Dozono

Advanced Intelligent Instrumentation Assoc. Prof. A. Kimoto
Various intelligent sensors and sensing techniques are lectured.
Advanced Biomedical Optics Assoc. Prof. Y. Yamaoka

Advanced Solid Material Science Prof. T. Watari
Advanced and commercialized ceramic (solid materials) devices are explained by focusing basic theory, mechanism, device structure, etc.
1) Dielectric Device (Condenser)  2) Semiconductor (Sensor)  3) Ptocatalyst (TiO2)
4) Piezoelectrics (Ignition devise, Buzzer)  5) Magnets (Brush-less motor, thermal switch)
6) Ptotonics (Optical fiber, Phosphors)
Advanced Materials for Energy Storage
Recent topics on energy storage materials in various batteries.
Fractology of Advanced Composite Material Prof. T. Akatsu

Advanced Composite Material Assoc. Prof. M. Yada
Topic on design and development of organic / inorganic and ceramics / metal composite materials.
Molecular Design of Advanced Materials Prof. T. Yamato

Advanced Physical Organic Chemistry Assoc. Prof. M. Takeshita
Topic on organic photochemistry and basic
Advanced Adsorptive Material Preparation Assoc. Prof. H. Kawakita
This lecture deals with the preparation method of polymeric adsorptive material to evaluate the adsorption of metalsand biomacro molecules.
Advanced Material Technology Guest Assoc. Prof. N. Terasaki

Advanced Nono Technology Guest Prof. N. Matsuda

Advanced Technology of Chemistry Guest Prof. K. Yamashitai

Advanced Technology of Heat-Resistant Materials Guest Prof. T. Tabaru

Environment-Friendly Materials Design Guest Prof. K. Nonala

Structural Aspect of Composite Material Guest Assoc. Prof. Yamada